The Ultimate Source for HDR Photography

We are happy to have a guest post from a friend of ours Roozbeh from Toroller.

What is HDR?

HDR Stands for High Dynamic Range and is a photography technique which lets you ‘digitally develop’ your photos using tonal information contained in multiple exposures of the same shot. HDR images are made by taking multiple shots exposed for the highlights, mid-tones and shadows separately and then merging those into a single image. This process provides incredible vivid images.

In order for anyone to make HDR photos, all that you need is three different ranges of exposures: Dark, Mid-Tone and Bright. Right below you can see an example for each with the image of a metal ball.


What kind of camera do I need to make HDR photos?

Many would believe that a very professional or expensive camera is required to produce these photos, but it’s really possible to even use your ordinary $150 digital camera. The only feature that is required is Autobracketing. If you are searching within your camera at the moment, look for the words “Autobracketing” or perhaps numbers such as -2, 0, or +2.


Where can I find a power HDR tutorial?

If you are interested in a nice tutorial to expand your HDR knowledge and experience, I recommend reading this power tutorial. Stuck in Custom is an HDR photography guru who has written this ultimate tutorial, sharing his experiences with HDR lovers. However, if you are looking for additional resources, these following tutorials may also be helpful:

Where can I find quality HDR wallpapers?

HDRwalls currently offers about 500 HDR photos in resolutions ranging from 800×600 to 1920×1200. They also provide additional images which would fit your iPod Touch, PSP, Blackberry, and the iPhone. The HDR group in Flickr can also be a good source to find high quality HDR wallpapers for your desktop.

– Credits for pictures, respectively: Stuck in Customs, Wikipedia, and Mor (bcnbits).