Build Your Own Laptop Stand for Bed

Laptop Stand

Would you like to work with your laptop from bed? Have you looked for compact and comfortable laptop stands but noticed the good ones are a tad expensive? Would you like to make your own for approximately $15?

I usually enjoy taking my laptop with me out on the balcony (a small area for a few plants, but technically a balcony non the less). Since I do not want to cook my lap or any important body parts, I usually put a pillow on my lap first. Although it is a very cheap and easy way, it isn’t so comfortable and perhaps efficient. At the same time, when not on the balcony, I also like to work in the living room, which there I encounter the same comfort problem as before. I could always use the coffee table, but after 30 minutes or so, my back begins to feel the pain.

I have previously searched for a good laptop stand to be convenient, firm, and also affordable. Each time I found one that seemed practical and a good fit, I noticed the price was not in my hopeful budget.

A cool Do It Yourself project to build your own laptop stand could be found at Instructables, including entire step by step guide and images. In fact, this version is consistent with models frequently found for almost as much as $150. The building of this stand takes approximately 30 minutes, and as mentioned before, the materials will cost you approximately $15.

Does that sound like a bargain? Maybe it is, maybe it is not the stand you are seeking. Either way, a pretty cool alternative to burning your legs or breaking your back when working with your notebook computer.

Laptop Stand 2

If you try this project, let us know how you like your new laptop stand. If you have other alternatives to suggest, we would love to hear them.

Via: Lifehacker