Bluetooth Communication Between Motorcycle Driver and Rider

Have you ever ridden with someone on a motorcycle? Have you ever wanted to say something to your passenger/driver, but it wasn’t safe or convenient to do so? Would you like to be able to both communicate with the other while riding and keep attention to the road? It is possible and simply designed by AKE.

AKE has created a bluetooth “hub” that is compatible with its own helmets, as well as 3rd party devices. If your helmets are bluetooth enabled, then this will provide easy communication with the other rider. Just imagine how nice it would be if the rider can tell you directions without any difficulties. How about getting rid of the need to try and squeeze as many words as possible while taking a breather at a stop light.

In addition, this bluetooth hub is compatible with MP3 players, cellphones and radios, so you may also listen to your favorite music while on the road.

As a rider, I see this as a valuable tool for communicating with the “back seat”, and am still waiting for a price to be provided. For the other riders out there: do you think this is a wonderful gadget, or will it cause too much of a dangerous distraction.

AKE Bluetooth Hub

Via: Engadget