Play Games on Your Cellphone with this Innovative Wireless Joystick

Zeemote 1
I don’t play my cellphone games much. Some of the reasons are that I am too busy or that I have better things to do, but mostly it is because the games have become complicated and sometimes close to impossible to actually play on the cellular.

As our cellphones innovate and become more and more advanced, the keys and their fun functionality decrease. I remember the popular “Snake” game on the old Nokia mobile phones. That game was simple and amazing. With the size and shape of the buttons (the buttons were raised and not as flat and small as most of today’s devices), it was easy to play the game, and the snake was directed accurately.

In today’s games, how difficult is it to try and control properly when the phones are with such small buttons? You attempt to play a game and direct the character every which way but can hardly maneuver effectively, especially when you accidentally press two adjacent buttons most of the time. Some actual applications have a move for every key on the numeric pad, and we are supposed to perform well using our thumbs?! There must be a better way.

The Zeemote is a miniature joystick to be used with your cellphone. This item is ergonomically created to sit perfectly in your hand, with the thumb toggle at perfect fit for enhanced controls. In addition, it consists of wireless capability, making it even more convenient. For full description, you can check out Zeemote’s About page.

Zeemote 2

This does seem like a pretty great accessory for your mobile gaming. Finally, while at the doctor’s waiting room, riding the bus or train, or during the college lectures that don’t seem to move along, we could actually play those mobile games like actual gamers.

The video below shows this cool Zeemote joystick in action.

Via: Crave