True Virtual Reality Gaming Experience

When will the future virtual gaming experience finally arrive?

ZDVSysytems 2I am talking about what we see in the movies. The games where your body movement determines the onscreen character’s reaction. When you swing an invisible bat at the right time and see the perfect contact with the ball right on your TV. Where the better your golf swing is in real life, the better the game’s response would be.

Nintendo Wii has broken some barriers and let us virtually do so with the Wiimote, but is it truly virtual? or just semi-virtual?

3DVSystems have claimed to develop this gaming experience we have longed for. Instead of focusing on graphics of games, this company has innovated the usability.

ZCamUsing ZCam, a 3D imaging technology previously used only in defense systems, they have created a “surveillance” camera that would track your real time movement. In turn, this is transformed into real time action within the games played.

Imagine this: you are playing a boxing game, and in order to survive, you must physically duck, block, and attack. You cannot rely on your controller alone, but on your personal wits and abilities. Of course, if you get knocked out in the game, you most likely not feel it in real life, but the disappointment may be just as in the game.

As the video game industry is progressing, we receive so many new features and abilities. After waiting for so long for a true virtual reality platform, are you still truly interested in it?

Additional images and also video downloads can be found at ZDVSystems’ Gallery.