Burn Your Pimples to Death with Zeno Pro

Remember the good old days when a zit was the reason you may not have gone out? This one, ugly pimple has gotten you so stressed, that you would try to stay home and away from the public.

Are you looking for an innovative way to get rid of your zits? Are the creams, diets, and grandma’s recipes not clearing up your pimples? You could always move on with the time and use personal technology to help you.

Zeno Pro is a new FDA approved acne solution, and ‘NO’, it is not an anti-depressant. This gadget heats up the pimpled area, claiming to speed up the clearing process. It resembles the size of a small MP3 player, but rather than playing your favorite tunes, the Zeno actually hopes to get rid of your zits.

This new device is currently available through Sharper Image for a price of $184.95, but in all honesty, could you even gather the courage to try the Zeno Pro to burn zits off of your face?

Zeno Pro

Via: Ubergizmo

6 thoughts on “Burn Your Pimples to Death with Zeno Pro

  1. Cammile.

    I have the zeno and its really great. The zeno mini doesn’t work as well but the original got rid of pimples in 2 hours for me and it even works with black heads immediatly. First it flattens your pimple and makes it invisible, girls no more cover up, and then it slowly heals them. Who cares about hte price cheap asses- whip out that amex- hehe
    cammi dasier

  2. steve.

    I have a Zeno and it doesn’t exactly burn your pimples away. It’s a low heat that acts like a fever to kill the bacteria in a pimple. It’s worked pretty well for my face, and it definitely speeds up the process. There’s more info (and cheaper prices) at myzeno.com


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