Don’t Click It: an Internet Surfing Experience without the Clicks

If we could surf the web without having to click our selection, would that enhance our experience or decrease it?

As we use the Internet everyday, we are prompted to select our direction by numerous different clicks. Whether it is to reach a specific destination, receive helpful instructions, make a purchase, or even check on a catchy advertising banner, our way is determined by our clicks.

I always wondered how much time we actually spend searching for things and clicking the supposed destination, only to realize that was not what we longed for. Furthermore, I believe that if clicks were taken away and instead directions were granted with each step, our experience would be more beneficial and also a lot more focused.

Dontclickit offers the ability to surf their site without using a single click of the mouse (except a preliminary one to begin the journey). If you do in fact select an option by clicking it, an obnoxious warning statement comes up asking you why you actually clicked: was it by accident or intentional?

They go on inviting users to experience their platform by providing directions and a path at each page landed on. Instead of clicking to arrive at the answers, information is provided by just a scroll over the desired spot. The only way one can truly realize what a different feeling it is to surf without a click is to try Don’t Click It.

In order to enjoy the experience, flash is required and a fairly quick processing speed, but I myself didn’t experience any difficulties. It was whole new way for me to read, select, and dive deep into a site without needing to click anything. I realized that I received the desired information simply by their effective design and usability.

After you try out their site, let us know about your experience and if you could get used to additional sites built this way. In the end, it is all about the user experience , and did you as a user find it enjoyable?