A Futuristic Digital Window of Information

Looking Glass 1

Look through the glass and get information about what you see.

This new concept designed by Mac Funamizu could be a wonderful, productive tool for all of us. Picture this: a tablet frame that grants you information of anything that you see through it. It is like having a personal informative guide with you at all times.

The “Looking Glass” (as termed by Anthony James via Yanko Design) is an interactive tool combined with Internet, GPS, camera, and a scanner. What it aims for is to grant is an interactive guide of anything you look at through the glass.

Looking Glass 2

As seen in the images, anyone could get information of a famous building they are looking at through this device. Furthermore, by the power of the GPS, you would be able to get directions for specific addresses, and even see the best way to get there. Besides the obvious value, could you see how great this would be for traveling? Just imagine traveling or visiting relatives and as you go sightseeing, you do not have to carry any city guides with you (neither book nor person). In order to get information about a building or a place you like, simply look at it through the looking glass and find information through Google, Wikipedia, and more.

Looking Glass 3

Yes, I know, this is a concept and is not available, but it still has some feasibility attached. The features may not be combined in one tablet with such efficiency, but they are available and becoming more and more intertwined in cellphones, laptops and tablets that are available today. We will have to wait a little longer, but would you want one of these when and if it is ever released?

Via: Hardgeek