How to Know if You Are Funny or Not

Would you like to know how funny you truly are? and do you think you are actually willing to accept a true answer for that?

Research in Kansai University of Japan may have found a way to tell how funny a person really is. This is not by a simple recording device or a “Laugh-o-Meter” like we have seen on TV, but by sensors attached to an individual’s chest, cheeks and abdomen.

These attachments can take up to 3000 measurements per second, counting the bioelectricity generated by giggles, chuckles, and full laughter. The movements of your diaphragm and muscles associated with laughter are analyzed and recorded. In turn, these measurements are transferred to a new measurement variable of “aH” (that is funny aH aH), given a score and verifying if the joker you just heard is truly as funny as claimed.

There are plans of making this whole process into a portable device for easier use. This would allow us to have a gadget with us on a future date; finally we would be able to tell if he/she really thinks we are funny or is simply being polite. I am wondering if I would even want to know the truth for that.

Via: Pink Tentacle, thanks to megdanish for the picture