When Did Killing Trees Become So Efficient?

Technology has allowed us to become more efficient at Killing Trees!

More than once I have mentioned my love for technology and innovation, for I believe many of the products we own today aid us in becoming more efficient (with a few bugs and frustration). There are even ones that aim to provide productivity but without hurting the environment on its path.

The video below is a great presentation that makes it difficult to be technologically pro and green at the same time. It shows an extremely efficient machine cutting down trees at a fast rate and with great skill.

When I first saw it, I was amazed how one man could sit behind a machine and get so much work done so efficiently. After a moment I realized the peril that it involved as well. It may be faster, stronger, and more efficient than several workers, but it is killing trees at a great speed. This means that this machine in fact increases efficiency at hurting our environment.

Is that a little disturbing?