Camera Goggles Record and Tag Your Every Move

Have you ever found yourself looking for something in the refrigerator, only to realize it hasn’t changed from one hour ago? Has your TV or DVD remote control ever mysteriously disappeared? What if you could look back at your daily activities and search for things based on the subject matter?

This kind of ability would allow you to look back at a video of your day, make a search for the TV remote…and receive the the video playback of the last time they were seen.

The University of Tokyo have created an intelligent pair of goggles to help with the video and tagging of your daily activities. Using an increased image recognition software, these goggles can automatically tag the different products you have looked at during the time worn.

The current model of the goggles wouldn’t be so convenient to wear at the moment, for they are attached to a computer that is worn on your back. In addition, as seen in the images, the goggles aren’t hip looking, and the cameras sticking out wouldn’t be so fun to walk around with. Still, the idea of being able to put names to faces, finding missing products, and doing both by an automatic tagging system is pretty intriguing. Plus, a video diary that includes tags for later search is also pretty cool.

Do you believe these goggles are useful? and if you do, as they are now, would you wear them?

Cyber Goggles

Via: Ubergizmo