A Robot Disguised as a Falcon is used as a Radio Controlled Scarecrow at Airports

Birds are beautiful creatures, but sometimes they could be a nuisance and even dangerous at places such as airports.

It is known that birds can cause great harm to airplanes by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. There are many problems of birds getting pulled into a running engine thus creating a major malfunction, and it has also been known that more than a few splattered on the windshield during takeoff. These and other incidents endanger the aircraft, passengers, and nearby equipment at the airport.

A pretty cool solution has been created that reduces the incidents and also spares the lives of the unfortunate birds involved. This thanks to the Bird Raptor.

This Radio Controlled Falcon mimics aerial movements such as: circling, attack and overflight and thus scaring the surrounding birds, causing their escape.

The current model, FALCO ROBOT GBRS (Gregarious Bird Removal System), has been tested in Genoa airport and has presented great success with the removal of over 1000 problematic seagulls.

It looks like a win-win situation: The airports clear out the birds to reduce danger and hazardous incidents, while the birds get to roam around but do not reach harm’s way.

I wonder if this device could also be used at crop fields or farm houses. Instead of using a mannequin like a scarecrow to hang in one place and hope the birds get scared, the raptor will fly around watching the fields and scare them away.

Falcon Robot

Via: Crave

7 thoughts on “A Robot Disguised as a Falcon is used as a Radio Controlled Scarecrow at Airports

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  3. Eran Abramson.

    Hi Geegee and Shyguy, thank you for the comments.

    @Geegee: Thanks for the kind words 🙂

    @Shyguy: Some places use trained falcons and hawks, but that also has its problems, such as feeding, health, training, and more.

    This is a cool alternative that could also prove more efficient.

  4. shyguy_2004.

    That’s pretty cool. I had heard of birds of prey such as hawks and falcons being trained to chase away the birds that hang around airports like pigeons and swallows, so that’s cool that they have robotic falcons now to keep the birds away from the airports.

  5. Geegee.

    Nowadays many farmers actually use robots to protect fields from birds…
    Nice article, really nice…


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