Solar Power for a Paradise City

There is always news about sun-powered gadgets, products, and different devices, which are supposed to give us more efficient power generation when needed. But what if solar innovation could allow one solar tower to provide enough environmentally-friendly electricity to power an entire city, does that sound like a good idea?

Enviromission have continued the Solar tower innovation to be even more efficient. Basically they follow the known fact that hot air rises.

Solar Tower 1

A tower is built on top of a powerful enclosure, which ultimately traps infrared radiation and pushes it through the tower’s chimney. Based on the structure, the heat is pushed through the only opening at speeds of up to 70 km/h and moves the wind turbines to provide omission free electricity.

Moreover, the ground beneath the enclosure receives the heat and remains warm throughout the day, thereby continuing the mechanism of providing energy throughout the night. The developers have also realized there are other ways of using the heated ground beneath the shield, for example, dehydration of fruits or vegetables. This ends up providing additional utility for a prototype city.

It is currently planned to built a solar tower on top of a 25,000 acre base, with a chimney as tall as 400 meters. Based on calculation of the previous prototypes (including the tower previously built in Manzanares, Spain in the 1980’s), this tower should provide approximately 200 Million Watts of energy yearly, and prevent over 900,000 tons of greenhouse gases to be created. It is currently in development, with a smaller version to be ready in 2009.

Now this is what I call efficient innovation; technology is used to provide more to the world, while keeping the good of the environment as a priority.

Solar Tower 2


5 thoughts on “Solar Power for a Paradise City

  1. Bob.

    25,000 acres? Jesus. The thing would have a 3 mile radius! That is a lot of space. I guess, having driven through AZ enough times, it could be done, but that is a huge freaking structure.

  2. Eran Abramson.

    Hello ecolsophy and Justin, thanks for the comments.

    @ecolsophy: True, some would have a problem with their view being obstructed, and the tornado issue should be taken into account.

    All in all, if those are taken into account, it is a great environment friendly development.

    @Justin: I would also rather have this than a nuclear reactor 🙂

  3. Justin.

    I for one would rather have this in my neighborhood than a thermal nuclear reactor or a coal fire power plant. But what does it matter if it’s in the middle of Nevada?

  4. ecolsophy.

    wow.. great Idea! It really is. It may have a couple of problems though. It would have to be built in a remote area for two reasons. One What if that city does not want the towers obstructing their views? 2nd It seems that a good hurricane or tornado could easily topple it over but they do built skyscrapers that stand up to strong winds so maybe it really is do able.


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