Dog Bone Speaker Phone Is More Than Just a Dog Toy

Would you like to hear your dog when you’re apart? Is its bark an important part of your daily routine? The Dog Bone Speaker Phone bring the two of you together when the absence is too difficult to bare.

Some of us love our pets so much, that we seek gadgets or devices that will ensure us of our pets health, care, and communication. There are USB ID devices in case your pet goes astray and needs attention, a camera food bowl, so you can share lunch or dinner time with them while you are apart, and now there is also the Dog Bone Speaker Phone, so the two of you can verbally communicate when distance is apparent.

IDee Objects has designed the Dog Bone, so you may have your regular conversations with your dog as you would with a friend using your cellphone. Similar to a regular speaker phone allowing simultaneous two way conversations, so is the Dog Bone.

Although it does not have any intelligent algorithm that translates the different barks into actual words that may be understood, it still provides a communicative device for the dog owners.

The thing is, while the design is cute and resembles a bone, I am afraid the dog may prefer to chew on it, then speak to its master.

Dog Bone