Man Made Robot is Cleaning Up the Streets

Are you sick of hoodlums, thieves or drug dealers hanging around in your neighborhood? Rufus Terrill was, so he built a vigilante robot to get rid of them.

Vigilante Robot

Rufus built a robot to roam his neighborhood streets and scare criminals and troublemakers away.

This robot weighs 300 pounds, stands at 4 feet tall and is controlled by a number of joysticks and buttons. In addition, it is built with a video camera to tape record any interactions, and a microphone to announce to the problematic individuals that they are trespassing and are required to leave the private property they are loitering in.

As this vigilante approaches the subjects, red lights flash with the announcement above, hoping they would take the hint and leave.

In some instances, the robot is cursed by the criminals, and bottles are thrown at it, but discouragement is not an option. It fights back with the water cannon it is armed with, which ends up doing a spectacular job of ‘scattering them like roaches’.

A video of this vigilante robot is available here.

Would you want a robot such as this cleaning up your neighborhood, or do you prefer actual human beings?

Via: BoingBoing