Customize Your DX1 System Keyboard to Your Preference

The keyboard is a necessary thing in our daily lives, and for gamers, its usability could mean life or death within their ongoing PC game.

DX1 System

While gaming keyboards have been released to provide a higher level of practicality and convenience, sometimes are fingers do not respond quick enough for the needs of the game.

The DX1 Input System from Think Geek is a customizable pad with 25 separate keys that can be assigned different tasks and locations on the pad. Whether you cannot control your characters efficiently or simply want more options just one key away, this system lets you be your own master – the keys are all movable and adjustable.

DX1 System 2

In addition, the macros are easily assigned and may be amended quickly within a game or when you see fit. While it already arrives with some pre-labeled stickers, you may come up with your own tasks and name them yourself.

Find your own way to switch between ammo on your favorite First Person Shooter, change the commands on the fly while playing the Real Time Strategy game, or even work on photoshop with the most common tasks at your desired keyboard location.

The DX1 System is fully customizable and works as you see fit.

DX1 System 3