Easily Let Your Dog Out and Feed It with this Do It Yourself Automatic Dog Door

Dog Door

Would you like your dog to go out to the backyard anytime it wishes? Are you sometimes too tired to even let it out, let alone feed it? Would you like to have an automatic door that allows an easier way for you to take care of your dog?

Colorado State University students have built an automatic dog door that provides your dog the freedom to exit to the backyard and enter right back in anytime it wishes.

In order to exit, there is a soft switch at its feet, so as soon as it walks on it, the door will lift up and let it out. By an Infrared device attached to its collar, the dog (and only the device wearing dog) will be able to get back in the house as soon as it walks under the sensor.

Along with this new found independence, this entire contraption also provides automatic feeding and replenishing of the water bowl. And last but not least, the owner can record a short message, so the dog will know its owner is announcing feeding time.

This Do It Yourself project is not a 5 minute one and deserves more than a few materials and hours, but for some of us, our dog (and time) is so worth it.

You can find more information of this project, along with the material list and DIY instruction at DesignNews: GadgetFreak.

In case you want to see it in action before you take on the task, a video made by the student inventors is right below.

Via: Makezine