This Robot Drives on Walls and Sends Images Via Bluetooth


Spiderman is old news!

Yes, old Spidey can crawl up walls and take pictures, but this robot sucks itself onto a wall, drives around it, and sends you images taken using Bluetooth. The best part is, you control it with a personal joystick.

I know that many of us can think of different ways we would use one if we had it, such as spying on friends and family at places that are not within eyesight, but I am pretty certain it was built for different spying deployment and not for personal use.

The Vortex Robot (link doesn’t always work) uses a patented technology called “tornado in a cup”, which is like a vacuum seal that sucks the robot onto a surface, thus defying gravity. Once onto the wall, it has 6 wheels to steadily drive it up, down, and all around, and an on-board camera to document its view.

Its tornado capabilities can be seen in the video below.

Via: OhGizmo