Pink Floyd The Wall PC Mod is Just Beautiful


An Ode to the remarkable masterpiece of Pink Floyd The Wall.

This modification is different then the wooden PC mod, but definitely makes a Pink Floyd fan want this recreation in his/her own home.

The drawings of the animated scenes of the Wall movie are painted on its sides along with the symbolic hammers that were seen marching in the film.

The case has a beautiful black and red finish, and some lyrics have been written on its top. A full sized hammer is attached to its top and may be used as a carrying handle.

This work should be appreciated and may be understood by all the steps taken for such an art piece. If you are interested in the Do It Yourself instructions, or just seeing the artist’s timeline for this Pink Floyd PC mod, you can find it at the Mod Nation.

On the other hand, the making of video is found right below.

Via: New Launches