Kick Flush Your Home Toilet with Your Foot

Whether you have a germ phobia or are just looking for an alternative way to flush your toilet, this Foot Flush gadget may be your best bet.

In public places, this could definitely reduce the germ circulation and make perfect sense – no more flushing with your hands after the many before you.

For your home, this gadget costs only $20, and you can get your own large foot for flushing instead of the regular method.

I think many would love to have such a product for the fact of going to the bathroom in the middle of the night; They sometimes forget to flush, don’t think about it, or simply would rather not put effort to use the handle.

Their “better half” would definitely love it, for they will not leave the toilet unflushed throughout the night. I just hope that during their nightly bathroom times, they won’t end up actually peeing on the foot flush.

Foot Flush