Cellphones Ringtones will also Add Smell Tones in the Future

cellphone with scent

What if our cellphones, instead of sound alone, could provide a pleasant fragrance to go along? Does that sound like something useful?

NTT Communications are working on a way to combine smell with a tone, using a special infrared device.

Users would download a “recipe” for a fragrance from a specific site, and by an simple command, the device will “cook” that smell and provide the scent of your choice. In addition, since this is wireless, it is envisioned to be taken to your workplace, vehicle, and any other place you would like to provide a special scent.

I may be jumping ahead here, but what if this special device would become a lot more mobile? Wouldn’t we be able to have actual smell tones? Just imagine assigning different scents to your friends, family and co-workers. If something smells awful, you could always blame it that your boss has called. If your loved ones call, an amazing scent can be distributed within the room.

What do you think? Would you download special smell tones? Better yet, would you like to make your own special smell tones for different colleagues?

For a larger image, just click on the picture.

Fragrance device

Via: The Inquirer