Cellphones Ringtones will also Add Smell Tones in the Future

cellphone with scent

What if our cellphones, instead of sound alone, could provide a pleasant fragrance to go along? Does that sound like something useful?

NTT Communications are working on a way to combine smell with a tone, using a special infrared device.

Users would download a “recipe” for a fragrance from a specific site, and by an simple command, the device will “cook” that smell and provide the scent of your choice. In addition, since this is wireless, it is envisioned to be taken to your workplace, vehicle, and any other place you would like to provide a special scent.

I may be jumping ahead here, but what if this special device would become a lot more mobile? Wouldn’t we be able to have actual smell tones? Just imagine assigning different scents to your friends, family and co-workers. If something smells awful, you could always blame it that your boss has called. If your loved ones call, an amazing scent can be distributed within the room.

What do you think? Would you download special smell tones? Better yet, would you like to make your own special smell tones for different colleagues?

For a larger image, just click on the picture.

Fragrance device

Via: The Inquirer

10 thoughts on “Cellphones Ringtones will also Add Smell Tones in the Future

  1. Ringtones.

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  3. sameer jilani.

    Well being an engineer i appreciate this work,we can use pleasant fragrance i hope it could be use along with messages,we can send rose with fragrance wow…

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  5. Eran Abramson.

    Hello tgt114, thanks for returning.

    You bring up very good points.

    By the time the scent reaches our noses, the call may be long gone. And true, in NY, there are so many different smells…you probably wouldn’t even realize it is your phone 😉

  6. tgt114.

    Yes but would the smell actually reach your nose in time to answer the phone? It does not seem very plausible, or logical if you ask me. It would not be very good if in a busy place like New York everyone’s phones emitted SMELLS.

  7. Eran Abramson.

    Hello tgt114, Asia’H and Anonymous, thanks for the visit.

    @tgt114: May not be a perfect idea for you, but some would enjoy the ability of attaching smells to their contact list. If your grandma calls, perhaps a scent of cakes and cookies would be smelled. I am certain many can think of perfect scents for specific people.

    Also, if such a feature would be available…it could probably be turned off, such as a ringtone could.

    @Asia’H: That is what I was thinking. Even if your boss doesn’t call, you could always blame an accidental stink on your boss. 😉

    @Anonymous: I can clearly see the illustration you presented. Right now may not be possible, but I guess we will have to see.

  8. Anonymous.

    Memories of some cartoon movies that used to come with scratch and sniff cards with numbers that corresponded to numbers on the screen so you could smell the movie as well as watch it. Innovative but never going to happen 😉

  9. Asia'H Epperson.

    What if your boss calls you when you’re in a restaurant or concert hall? That would be hilarious when everybody turns and looks at you, asking, “What’s that smell?” 🙂

  10. tgt114.

    That is the absolute worst idea I have heard in my life. Why the hell would someone else want to smell scents that you chose over the internet. I’m sorry, but stinking up the room with your lover scent is WAY more obnoxious than your phone just ringing, and I would prefer NOT to expose myself to the possibility of a “scent virus” and have my whole damn house smell like dog feces.


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