Digital Tattoo Designs are Programmed to Present an Image, Mood or Reminder

Digital Tattoos are somewhat a new niche. People are looking for them, interested, and who can blame them? Regular tattoos are usually seen as beautiful art designs, but they have a few flaws; the major problem is that they are not returnable, another is that they are mostly permanent (besides laser surgery or cover up jobs). Digital tattoos on the other hand are completely programmable.

A new Digital Tattoo concept has been designed by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. They envision embedding hair sized nanotubes under your skin, which will act like real tattoos. These would present an image of your choice that may be amended and changed when you wish. In addition, they would also be useful for note taking and reminders.

Sounds crazy? maybe. But you must admit that it may be a tipping point for many, enticing more to actually get a digital tattoo.

Imagine those that have fallen in love and wanted a tattoo of their girlfriend or boyfriend’s name on their shoulder or arm. Besides not listening to their friends and colleagues that protest such a thing, the risk in having a permanent tattoo if a break up happens would be diminished. You would always be able to change the name to match your own, another loved one, a favorite celebrity or whatever else you wish. Just like clothing, digital tattoos would allow you to change your tattoo depending on your current mood and feelings.

The second benefit would be that the digital tattoos will become something actually practical. Personal notes, reminders, or phone numbers could actually be written (or programmed), so you would literally have them handy and available when needed.

This may be a little wild such as the Digital Tattoo that embeds a semi-visible tattoo under your skin, but could gather a lot more fan base.

So the ultimate question is: If these programmable digital tattoos were available and affordable, would you like to get one?

Programmable Digital Tattoo