Build a Microsoft Surface Like Table By Yourself


Most of us have seen the intriguing Microsoft Surface commercials and their possibilities, but can we really afford one? A Do It Yourself version has been developed by Eyebeam.

For the much lower cost of $500-1000, the Cubit Project is available, allowing you to download the software and also instructions of building one all by your own.

In addition, a Cubit kit including all the hardware necessary to build the Surface like product is being talked about. This would consist of all the necessary materials, instructions, and requires you to just provide a computer to hook up the table to. Although a price has not been mentioned for the full kit, additional information is available at their site.

This DIY may not have the Microsoft brand stamped to it, but I believe that many may look at that as one of the more attractive features of the project.

If you have been interested in the Surface product, would you consider a full purchase of the original, building one all by yourself, or getting the Cubit kit?

Via: Slashgear