The iPhone Helps You Water Your Plants Now

We get so wrapped up in our daily routine, work, friends, and hobbies, that many times we forget to take care of some necessary chores, such as watering our plants.

It is not that we do not realize that plants won’t simply be patient and wait until we remember them. We are sometimes just too busy to water them, aren’t home to do so, or have other tasks that are higher on our list of priorities.

Well, how convenient would it be to be able to water your plants from your office desk using your iPhone?

A guy going by the name of Peter has developed a robotic watering system that takes command from an iPhone. Based on the controls, as you turn the safari screen from vertical to horizontal, a command is sent to an actual watering can to turn so respectively. The longer you hold the iPhone turned, the longer that water is running on the plant.

Of course, if you have a forest in your home, it would not be as easy to set up individual watering cans for each plant, but the concept is still pretty cool.

Via: New Launches