Interactive Window Display feels a bit Eighties


When I hear of interactive windows, I immediately think of something that could be a lot of fun. Just the idea of having such windows in shopping malls or boardwalks seems pretty cool.

Think about walking up to a store you like, and the window interacts with you, presenting different clothing, features, or options, which may entice you to walk in the store.

As mentioned, the idea seems cool, and the Salling store in Denmark is attempting to provide it, but is their example something really worthwhile?

While watching the video, I continually felt like I was back in the old Atari days; it looked immature and cheesy.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Atari, but after getting used to today’s innovation and progress, it is not something I think matches our expectations. There are such better innovation creations, such as the Hand Gesture Shopping Windows, or even an interactive display with thousands of camera irises. Either of these seems a lot more fun and will easily hook us into playing along.

I could be wrong, but in today’s world, I expect more when the word interactive is mentioned.

Via: Engadget