Alligator Skin is Probably One of The Best Shells for Xbox 360


I always thought the Xbox 360 looked cool, but this alligator skin outer shell mod makes this Xbox a pleasure to look…if not a little scary.


There are different console modifications practically every day, but this one is so freaky, it is awesome; it engulfs the entire Xbox console with a tough alligator skin making it look like a rich man’s briefcase.


The great thing is that it still retains the original Xbox shape and look, including the actual written logo and power button. Besides the texture and skin difference, the power button now challenges the weak hearted; in order to get your gaming on, you must press on the alligator’s eye. Can you see yourself being able to do that?


I just hope that no real animals were hurt during the creation of this mod.

Via: Llamma’s Game Forum

20 thoughts on “Alligator Skin is Probably One of The Best Shells for Xbox 360

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  2. Ben Cortman.

    the old white pasty kid who wrote this probably needs to get the hell out of his mommys house and get a girlfriend. seriously… WTF. your a douche bag and you need to get laid. seriously. you need to stop rubbing that alligator skin on your dick and actually get a girlfriend. oh wait! your probably ganna end up with a fat chick cause your too much of a pussy to get some real pussy.

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  5. Mr Dumbass.

    ^^^^^^ DUH It’s custom made! And Comment 2… What Heat efficiency? Xbox is like a personal heater!
    The person that Moded this did a Great job tho!

  6. Jacob.

    Taxidermist shops have fake eyes of all kinds. They aren’t hard to find. They can do a very good job of matching the look you want.

  7. sp4rrow.

    Love the mod. Agree with OP about the eye and the power of luminescence. In regards to “heat efficiency”… the 360 has none = ) so enjoy the mod for aesthetics and train a cat to hold a fan.

    ring of death veteran

  8. Benjamin Jiang.

    Uh, that is awesome. It’s just plastic, so an extra layer of it shouldn’t mess with heating too much. The real question should be, will it catch on fire? Friction+cheap plastic+paint= fire.


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