Largest Drawing in the World Created by GPS


[Update: the GPS project that drew the largest drawing in the world is a fake]

And so the largest drawing in the world is introduced. Completely created by a GPS unit continually shipped throughout the world and partly (if not completely) funded by DHL for a final graduate course.

As a final project for an Advertising and Design course, a GPS unit was packed in a briefcase, which can withstand major shipping, moving, throwing, and additional human and nature interaction. It was sent out worldwide and instead of using a pen, the GPS was being tracked to create a physical drawing of the trip.

I really don’t care that it was a funded project, or a sponsored commercial, because the outcome is still pretty amazing. An issue that is brought up is how much such an ordeal actually costs, and how much fuel was used for the entire trip?

Anyways, I know it isn’t inkblots, but I will confess that I see a scruffy haired man (or woman) with one hand reaching out. What do you see?

Via: Crunchgear