Grasshopper Robot Sets Robot Jumping Record


This grasshopper robot has set a new robot jumping record by being able to jump to a distance of 27 times its body length. The grasshopper looking robot actually resembles a locust, and with its tiny gears as the head, weighs in at only 7 grams.

It is much smaller than what many may picture a robot to be, but this grants it the wonderful advantage and ability to jump to such great proportions.

The grasshopper robot is built with a gear mechanism similar to the vibrate function of a cellphone which tightens a spring until its release.

It is said that these may be useful to overcome obstacles that other robots with wheels or legs may have difficulties, such as the ability to climb over rocks. By this, the tiny grasshoppers may search for survivors if needed, or simply set out to explore.

This great video of the miniature grasshopper robot provides both a visual presentation and a great explanation.

Via: Live Science and New Scientist