Large LED Screen is a Virtual Fish Tank in the Ceiling


This Large LED Screen as a Virtual Fish Tank is simply mind blowing! In Las Vegas there is a mall where the ceiling changes with graphics and tone. As you walk inside at night, it will slowly go from dark to light and provide a cool atmosphere to walk around in. In Beijing they have a different ceiling. They brought the loved fish screen saver to life as a large LED screen of a virtual fish tank, with the movement right above us to keep us company.


Costing a hefty $32 Million, this virtual fish tank is presented at a size of 30 by 250 meters (7500 squared meters). Yes, the space it occupies is larger than a Football field. It is huge, no one can argue that, but is it the largest led screen ever?

The ceiling stands 6 stories high, between two malls, right in the air. This means, it is not part of a ceiling inside of a building, but simply above our heads outside.


Since we would have to look up and watch the fish swimming, our neck may get a little sore. Do you think that watching such a fish tank could still relax us?

Via: The Coolest Gadgets, and The Place