Lisa the Perfect Woman Robot: Real or Fake?


I know many that dream of having a female robot to take care of them. Whether it is the cooking, cleaning, or bedroom antics, having a humanoid robot to tend to your needs is a fantasy and AI Robotics claim to have created this Perfect Woman.

The video below presents Lisa, this perfect woman, and their site offers a few different looks to choose from. Shopping for Lisa or the others will be available on the 15th of June, 2008.

But c’mon, can this be any more of a hoax?

The video below presents Lisa and her amazing life-like quality; a little too life-like if you ask me. In addition, they claim it has been 3 years in the making…ONLY 3 Years? Wow, these guys must be the smartest men in the room within the smartest men. Is Artificial Intelligence even close to such a stage, let alone providing an actual choice of robots?

After you watch the video, I bet you can list many more reasons why this is fake, or do you actually think it’s real?

Via: BotJunkie