How To Surf in the Air on Google Earth using a Wii Balance Board


Have you ever wanted to fly over famous cities, countries or even your own neighborhood? If you can find the area on Google Earth, you will now be able to fly and maneuver above your favorite places using the Wii Balance Board.

I have always enjoyed checking my old addresses on Google Earth to see if anything has changed, get a little spurt of nostalgia, and simply revisit neighborhoods I knew so well. Now, with this great hack created by two from the German Research Center, I can glide over places from my past, and also visit new ones.

In the Flying on Google Earth video below, Matthieu Deru and Simon Bergweiler explain the hack and process behind this wonderful idea and also demonstrate it for all to see.

Now that I think of it, it could also be used as a great trip planning tool before your departure. You can see an overview and maneuver around as you wish. The thing is, it may be a lot more fun if a fan was pointed at you, so you can really feel some air as you are flying.

Via: HackedGadgets