Robot Scales Grand Canyon using Panasonic’s Evolta Batteries


It is not everyday that a battery is pushed to its limits. In this case, Panasonic wanted to prove their Evolta battery’s endurance by testing it on a miniature robot. What was the test? Scale the Grand Canyon.

A 17 centimeter robot was provided Panasonic’s Evolta battery, and in a little under 7 hours (6 hours and 45 minutes to be exact) scaled up 530 meters.

Putting that strain on a small toy using Alakaline batteries only is one that should be admired. The robot succeeded and proved these batteries have the power to deliver.

Of course there are the skeptics that would argue that they would never have a toy robot scale the Grand Canyon, but perhaps a similar test should be done using a remote controlled truck to go up the trails. Then they may approve, but then they will argue the Grand Canyon is not such a difficult feat anyways.

Via: GizmoWatch