Limited Editon Nintendo Monopoly Board Game


When we think of Nintendo, video games immediately come to mind. Whether it is the classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the Super NES, Nintendo 64, Game cube, or the popular Wii, that is what we associate with their brand, but I personally never really expected to hear of the Nintendo Monopoly Board Game.

A limited Edition Nintendo version of the classic Monopoly board game has been released, with all our favorite characters and icons.

The playing tokens have been changed and now offer Mario’s cap, a Donkey Kong barrel, Link’s boots, a shield, an actual miniature NES controller, and the Koopa shell.

Moreover, different icons have taken over the actual residential areas, and the two Mario Brothers have received the honor of the most valued areas formerly known as Park Place and Boardwalk.

At only $33 for this cool Nintendo version, I bet many would actually consider pulling away from their game console and sitting down for a relaxing (yet sometimes stressful) time playing this Monopoly version.

Via: SlipperyBrick