Your Plants Show You Their Digital Emotions

People love their plants. They grow them, take care of them, talk to them, and even show their true feelings if their loved plant is not looking so good. I also love having plants around my house, but since I get so busy and overwhelmed, I forget to water them many times. If only they could show us how they truly feel.


The Pet Plant is a neat new concept designed by Junyi Heo that doesn’t tell you how it feels, but actually shows it on its LCD display.

This new Pot Plant concept measures how the plant is doing by the condition of the soil, humidity and temperature surroundings, and also water levels. Based on its needs, the plant pot will display you if it needs tending to by different facial emotions. In addition, its system will drain it a bit if it has been over-watered.digital_plant_emotions_2

Since it is combines Technology with nature, it charges by USB and is also able to sync plant information and emotions to your computer.

Although it is just a concept for now, it would be great if my plants will just show me that they are angry with me, in case I have not paid enough attention to them.


Via: Yanko Design