Digital Touchscreen Poker and Blackjack Table


Poker has really gained popularity in the last few years. From game veterans to frat boys, Texas Hold ‘Em is played by so many at actual casinos, homes, online and also game consoles. This game, along with Blackjack are fun games which individuals flock to play socially and as a hopeful profit. With this growing trend of this game, some expensive toys are released, including this Digital Touchscreen table for the ones who can afford it.

The X10 Ten Player Automated Table is ready to sit you and nine of your friends. Each player has an individual 12.1 inch touchscreen in front for their personal cards and actions, and the middle is mounted with a 27 inch touchscreen to provide the position of the Blackjack dealer and/or poker flop, turn, and river cards.

When receiving cards, a player can simply touch their cards to turn them, and touch again to conceal, but this could cause a major problem. Since the screen is flat, it does make it easy for others to see your cards, unless you conceal them in a great fashion. Perhaps a locking feature keeps them concealed until the appropriate time presents itself.

Anyways, at right below $30,000 for this table, it is not necessarily affordable by many. Even if you and your friends decide to combine your money for one of these digital tables, how would you decide who’s house it will stay in?

Via: CoolestGadgets