Nintendo Gameboy Integrated in Platform Shoes


Remember the original Nintendo Gameboy? How about the Gameboy Color? I used to love playing those portable gaming consoles, if we can even call them that. They were original, convenient, and amounted to hours of fun on the go. With all the different modifications that people come up with, this one that integrates the portable Gameboys into platform shoes may look fun but gets just a laugh out of me.


I support originality and creativity, but this mod just combines two items into one unpractical product.


On the one hand, it is great to have a Gameboy with you at all times, but on the other hand, it is not even a Nintendo DS, but the old portables. In addition, I know that platform shoes are still considered a fashion item, but I do not know one male that will wear them. Moreover, even those that wear them will not do so daily. This means that the convenience that was hoped for in such a mod is kind of lost and provides impracticality.


Still, I do encourage individuals to come up with such original ideas, for they will provide inspiration to others that may improve upon it.


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9 thoughts on “Nintendo Gameboy Integrated in Platform Shoes

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  2. Garphield.

    Omg!!!!!! I already bought 7 pairs of these babies woo yaaa !!!!!! they r ridicusly comfy and I luv to wear them to college!!!!! Some of my friends laugh that I wear platiform shoes but hey a mans g2do wat a mans g2 do am I right huh………huh???!!!!!

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  4. Diane.

    I love them. Very John Walters! They remind me of 70’s platform cork shoes, which we wore in the suburbs as teenagers, and with the anklet bracelets incorporated on the purple! Interesting! I’m sure a many clockwork oranged kid would also love.

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  6. Nikki.

    WOW these are so hideous but i would so love 2 own a pair 😀
    But sod off am i payin 2grand 4 them :0
    Me and my girls could totally piss bout in those babys tho ;] xx

  7. Anonymous.

    they were designed in 2001, the ds wasn’t even around in 2001 y’know
    besides it was a limied edition and it’s practically impossible to buy them now; although I’d fancy a pair… if it didn’t cost two grand X.P

  8. Lee.

    oh my god, these shoes look so ugly. I would never buy shoes like these even if I adore gameboys. Plus the shoes seem to be really uncomfortable.

  9. Neece.

    That is the most retarded idea I’ve seen in ages. Of course, if they’re marketed well, I could see them taking off. Which is kind of sad, really. HA! I mean, could you see some girl clunking around in those, with a matching outfit? I could. And I’d just have to laugh. Sorry.


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