Bluetooth Dongle and Webcam Recreated as a Lego Brick


With the many different accessories available for our computers, it is really nice to see some colorful changes made to such items as a Webcam and a Bluetooth Dongle. Even better, these products are combined with the shape, texture, and brightness of the Lego bricks.

The Lego Webcam is small, available in seven different colors, and is convenient enough to actually use at home or with a laptop. The only downturn is the price tag of $79 attached to something that may look really cool, but still seems like a toy. The Bluetooth Dongle is also a great looking device, and is priced at $49. The latter does sport some LED as it is operating.

So, is your Lego love big enough to actually want to get your hands on the Lego webcam and Bluetooth dongle?