Cellphone Popcorn Project: Four Cellphones and Kernels for Fun

[Update: This video has been confirmed as a Viral Marketing Sketch from Cardo, a Bluetooth Earpiece Manufacturer. Anyways, it is still fun to watch]

Is this real? These guys placed four cellphones pointing at some un-popped popcorn kernels for this fun project. As all four phones were called at the same time, their simultaneous ringing (and perhaps radiation) made the kernels pop. Voila…popcorn!

Although it looks fun, I wonder if it is even real. I guess it is one project that requires me to actually go out an attempt it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night; it just looks too fun.

Go ahead and watch the video and tell me that you do not want to try it yourself.

Via: CrunchGear