Hide and Camouflage Your Satellite Dish with Sqish


As I drive around, I see many Satellite dishes installed on top of homes or businesses. Although the mini dishes are a lot more practical than the huge ones that were around many years back, they all look the same and seem a little boring. Why not hide them within the ‘look’ of your home or place of business by simple camouflage stickers offered by Sqish Satellite Aerial?

First of all, Sqish offer square dishes and not the regular round ones we see on a daily basis. Secondly, they provide the option of sending a photo or image of where the dish will be, so they will create a customized sticker to go on the dish. For example, your brick home could be printed on a sticker to make the dish carry less attention.

Why have the same boring dish hanging when you can simply hide it by making it part of your building?

Via: RedFerret