USB Cassette Mix Tape is a Bit Nostalgic


The USB cassette tape is a beautiful way to be in touch with technology but keep the memory of the past alive.

Most people today are using MP3 players, iTunes, or other innovative methods to listen to music. Back in the day, even before CD’s, there were the reliable and loved cassette tapes. I had so many of them thrown everywhere: in my car, room, house, work, bags and anywhere else. With the easy recording and mobility, I was a big fan of these tapes.

Now of course these cannot be found, even CD burners are kind of a thing of the past. I myself wouldn’t carry a CD around, let alone have any of my old cassette tapes available anywhere. No wonder I thought the Mix Tape USB Stick was just so fun and brings a sense of Nostalgia.

So simple and cool looking: create a mix, add it to the provided USB Stick, and store it within its Cassette USB holder.

Classic and available for only $19.99.


Via: Yanko Design