Air Hockey Robotic Arm will Beat You Silly


Air Hockey is a popular game both at arcades and bars. From kids to adults, this game receives a lot of attention: as a killer of time, competitive platform and, of course, a fun game. This new robotic arm addition allows you to check your skills against a really worthy rival. But beware, it could beat you really bad.

Developed by NuVation, this robotic arm does not make mistakes. As you attempt to send a puck flying towards the goal in an angle, the robot will foresee it, blocking it in a timely fashion. Go straight on and your rival will not even flinch.

This version may be challenging and fun but won’t provide you actual Glory Days at the Air Hockey arena. You could choose an alternative and play the Virtual Air Hockey version instead, but this one doesn’t have a physical puck, just a virtual one.

Via: Crunchgear