The Electric Motorsport GPR-S is Arriving: aka the E-Boxer


I always thought it is unfair that so much effort has been spent towards electric cars but not electric motorcycles. Finally, I saw a great product with the Electric Motorsport GPR-S, also known as the E-Boxer.

Besides being a fairly good looking motorcycle, this electric device is rechargeable. Yes, we have been waiting for that. With only a 90 minute charge, you can fill up the Lithium Ion battery, granting you approximately a 40 miles ride at the bike’s high speed of 60MPH.

A neat feature also allows you to plug the electric motorcycle to a Windows computer, so you may change its settings for speed or mileage.

Orders are being taken for the first 100 Motorsport GPR-S for the price of $8000. Does that seem like a fair price? Would you like to get one of the E-Boxers?