Star Wars Jedi Gym: May the Force Be With You


The Jedi Gym is a great commercial for a Star Wars health program for aspiring Jedi’s. It includes an interview with the founder, videos of the actual mind and physical workout, and oh yeah…some quick laughs.

I am not sure which parodies I like more…Star Wars or Star Trek. Either way, when they are making a joke at the fans’ expense without hurting anyone, it is fun and expected, isn’t it?


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One thought on “Star Wars Jedi Gym: May the Force Be With You

  1. Flynn.

    Ah, yes,,, the Jedi Gym.

    I have to say I was extremely taken aback when I saw myself parodied. Huge thanks to Van Roble again for the great work!

    If you care to check out the inspiration for the film, check out

    Jedi Grand Master


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