Magnify Words for Easy Reading with the I-Vu Magnifier

Both my parents love reading. They always try to find a few minutes to read the newspaper or a good fictional novel, but they regularly complain about the difficulties with the print size and some eyesight problems. Since they love their independence and cannot fathom having someone read for them, they end up reading less and thus giving up on one of their favorite pastime activities. The i-Vu Magnifier can help individuals of all ages (including my ‘young’ parents) to read easier.


The i-Vu is a portable electronic device that comes in real handy in or outside the home. Its magnifying abilities allow you to magnify any print off of books, magazines, prescription bottles, directions, remote controls, and much more.


Since it is conveniently sized and shaped, it can be easily carried with you around the home and on different business trips or holidays, so you will always be able to read no matter when you want or need to.


If you know someone who may be suffering from a loss of eyesight, or would rather not strain their wonderful vision, the i-Vu is available for $279.

Via: CoolestGadgets