Promise Keepers: Stamp that Promise for your Records


Words are things, and so are promises. Has anyone ever backed out of a promise, or claimed they did not actually do so but just hoped they would be able to deliver? Just because a person may be busy, have a viable excuse, or a bad memory does not mean that their promise does not deserve to be fulfilled. This goes for parents, children, business partners, friends, and any other individual that promises anything to you. Why not keep a record of these words, so when delivery time arrives, the person would have to admit it was made and hopefully fulfill so. Here comes the era of the Promise Keepers.


The Credit Seal concept by Arthur Xin aims to grow our nature to become wonderful promise keepers. When someone says something, we would now be able to hold them up to their word. This device records a statement promised and brings it back up at the appropriate time or when the promise date is coming close. In addition, a printed stamp may seal the deal and provide an actual record that is visually presented to the parties involved.


This design may be great for the children in all of us, so we could keep our parents at bay regarding watching a school soccer match, a daughter’s recital, or even getting the keys to the car when fulfilling report card expectations. In addition, this probably should make it to most office desks as well. As mentioned, a hectic schedule and a busy day do not give anyone an excuse to back out of a promise.

Via: Tuvie