Fancy Dog Collars: No Shock and No Bark


I love my neighbors’ dogs but sometimes they get barking in unison which is just hell. Now they don’t bark during appropriate times but usually right as I try to fall asleep. When is that? usually right before the dogs begin barking. What I mean is that they do not have a barking schedule but a random thing that we do not notice until it bothers us. So in all actuality, they could be barking all day but we filter it out when we do not desire the silence. How do we get the silence when needed? I know there are shock collars that provide some electrical shock to dogs when they bark, but even I believe it is a bit cruel. Why not create some fancy dog collars that would grant these dogs some of their own medicine?

The Ultrasonic Bark Barking Collar aims to annoy the barking dog. This fancy dog collar will know when the dog barks and send out a high pitched frequency that annoys the dog itself. Hopefully the dog will begin to get a little frustrated, annoyed, realize the hell it has provided to so many other innocent bystanders and reduce its barking quota.

I have recently realized that this product has been either discontinued or has been sold out. If you are ecstatic about such a collar and find where it is available, please let us know so others would be able to get their hands on this miracle dog collar as well.

Via: ChipChick