Kung Fu Fighting Robots: Build a Combat Robot


Remember the old Comedy Central shows of the fighting robots? I used to love those shows and watched almost every single one. The crazy combat between the various robots was extremely entertaining and sometimes also extremely ruthless. The different competing robots has some nasty battles involving saws, knives, hammers and so many different weapons attached in order to bring on the demise of fellow competing robots. Hey, there could be only one first place. Whether it is kung fu fighting robots, shredding robots, cockfighting robots, hammering robots or a different original idea you have, you have the ability to design your very own and build it by yourself.


When taking on such a do it yourself project, you must first decide what size robot you would like to create because different sizes provide various abilities and also handicaps. Afterward, you must decide your budget for such a diy project, design it…and of course…build it. For steps, instructions, images and feedback, check the Instructables link below and come up with your own creative plan. Perhaps you would be able to create that one evil robot to take over the world, or just a scary looking but harmless toy. You are now in the driver seat…until the robot itself is up and fighting.


Via: Instructables