Disappearing Car Door Leaves You Automatically Speechless


Do you ever feel that your car door’s design may not be as efficient as it should be? Do you believe some ingenuity is missing but you cannot really think of a viable solution? The Disappearing Car Door by Jatech has redesigned the car door so it disappears once it’s opened. No, it doesn’t literally disappear or vanish, but opens up very efficiently, automatically hiding itself out of the way. Instead of being worried you are parked too close next to someone or that you may hit someone’s door when you open yours, this solution gets rid of that dilemma.


The disappearing Car Door by Jatech may be an edited video or complete hoax, but wouldn’t it be possible to make anyways? It opens the door and folds it neatly towards the bottom of the car. This is extremely space efficient and leaves the inside of the car with the same room as before. In fact, the door is actually enlarged a bit, so those sitting in the rear would have easier access and exit.

You still don’t really understand the innovation of the disappearing car door? Simply watch the video. It goes on to explain and demonstrate this prototype invention with different vehicles as example.

When I first saw this disappearing car door, I immediately wondered of it was real. Either it was nicely edited or actually rings true…which do you think?