Motorcycle Projector Brings the Drive In Theater to You


Have you ever been to the drive-in theater? Did you enjoy the movie? While the drive-in theaters used to be extremely popular, that movie niche is disappearing; more and more drive-in cinemas are closing and dying off. For those sentimental drive-in fans, there is a different solution…it still involves a vehicle, but now the movie is attached to your own motorcycle. You can take your movies with you with the Motorcycle Projector, so the instead of driving to the theater, you bring the theater where you want to see the movie.

With this motorcycle projector, movie (and motorcycle) fans could literally have their movies with them on the go. If you are at a party and feel like watching the movie on a suburban garage door, just bring the bike up the driveway and start the film. If you would like to have an original romantic dinner and a movie? Take the date on a ride, have them pick the movie…and also the place they want to see it at.

This mobile motorcycle projector combination brings two great hobbies together in one great creation. The only downfall is that many would probably prefer making out in the backseat of a car rather than the seat of a motorcycle. But then again, everyone has their own needs.

Via: RetroThing