Hallmark Cards: Animated and Dissected


Some say that nothing compares to Hallmark greeting cards – could be due to their huge selection or perhaps the commercialized status. I myself do not remember the last time I actually stepped into a Hallmark store or purchased a Hallmark stamped card for a friend, relative or business associate, but I must admit that their hand cranked animated cards are pretty damn cool. And with every cool product comes the curiosity about the nuts and bolts that make it move and put a smile on the consumer’s face. The images below are some of the dissected parts of the Hallmark Animated Cards that help me appreciate the greeting cards a little more.


Don’t get me wrong! I am not supporting or pressing you to go out and purchase these animated Hallmark cards. I am simply stating the cool factor behind these products and appreciating the mechanics which are making it work.


Sometimes I wish I didn’t have two left hands and was able to build such things by myself. If you are a do it yourself kind of person that may go out and recreate these cards all by yourself, we would love to see the process and final product. Please send us any photos, videos, and/or details of how you were able to get it done. That would be an amazing thing to see.



Via: The Automata